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Be More Influential, Successful
& Happier    Michael McIntosh

Wed  22 November  6.45-8.30AM
The Coro Hotel


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MILTON  Qld 4064

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Brisbane Inner West Chamber of Commerce  PREVIOUS BIWCC EVENTS
Domestic Violence - Bullying Awareness Night   
Drysllwyn House  Raymont College  47 Cadell St  Auchenflower
Stand Against Bullying & DV

 9 Nov 2017

Neuroscience - Behaviours & Motivations
Michael McIntosh 21 Triangles
The Coro Hotel

 18 Oct 2017

BIWCC Business Breakfast
BUSINESS PLANNING Approaches Incl Risk Management
Greg Hungerford   Australis College
The Coro Hotel

 20 Sept 2017

BIWCC Business Breakfast
"Blue" Business & Local Support  Qld Police 
* Cyber & Business Security
* PCYC Lang Park 'Braking the Cycle' Youth Driver Licences
* Qld Road Safety Week  21-25 Aug 2017
The Coro Hotel Milton

 23 Aug 2017

BIWCC Business Breakfast
Business Health . Law . Social Media  Options for your Business
The Coro Hotel Milton

 19 July 2017


BIWCC Business Breakfast
Small Business Support Options & Finance Strategies
* Adam Boyer  Morgans Milton    Finance Strategies
* Terri Cooper  Small Business Liaison Manager City of Brisbane
Brisbane Marketing Economic Development Board
The Coro Hotel Milton

  21 Jun 2017

BIWCC Business Breakfast
The Coro Hotel Milton

 24 May 2017

BIWCC Business Breakfast
Solutions - CommChoice     Glenn Buckie
Sales Skills - Iconic Reality  Ryan Edwards

The Coro Hotel Milton

19 April 2017

BIWCC Business Breakfast  Attention to 1% Sustainabilty Key
Martin Millane 
The Coro Hotel Milton

22 Mar 2017

BIWCC Business BREAKFAST   Planning Strategies for 2017
The CORO Hotel Milton

 23 Nov 2016

BIWCC Business BREAKFAST  Health & Wellbeing for Business+
The CORO Hotel Milton

19 Oct 2016

BIWCC Business Breakfast
Inner West Businesses Working Together

Some of our highlighted Member Speakers with special spots on the morning ...
* Pia Du Pradal   Pia Du Pradal Qld Designer & Boutiques  
   3 local stores & manufacturer
* Paddington4064  Given & Latrobe Shops working together 
   Karen Harley Living Silk will overview the group works
* Don Gilbert   Australian Lease & Property Consultants
   If one does not Own one's Premises your LEASE is your Business !
* Danny Lanfranco   All that Toshiba can support your business with
* Cr Peter Matic Paddington Ward BCC 
   Update on BCC support for local small businesses
The CORO Hotel Milton

21 Sep 2016

"Advancing Small Business"  Hon Leeanne Enoch MP
Minister for Small Business Qld
Minister for Innovation, Science & the Digital Economy
Hon Dr Steven Miles MP Member for Mt Coot-tha
The CORO Hotel Milton

 24 Aug 2016

"Fear & Happiness - How Fear limits our Self Esteem. Fear is a Liar
Ritchie Gibson  Speaker . Author
   "Be You. Be Great."
The Coro Milton

 20 July 2016

BIWCC  XXXX Brewery Tour Night
Tour . Meal . Beers/Drinks

12 July 2016

Saturday .. 4064 Showcase  + 26 June FUN FAMILY DAY
The Polish Club MILTON  Marie St - Fort Ln

25 June 2016

BIWCC Business BREAKFAST Networking Seminar
"Meet the Candidates" Brisbane & Ryan Electorates Federal Election
The Coro Milton
 22 June 2016
BIWCC Community NIGHT 'Meet the Candidates'
Brisbane & Ryan Electorates Federal Election
The Polish Club Milton   Free

 13 Jun 2016


"5 Steps from Business Survival to Business Growth:
a Hard Hitting Guide to Success"
Michael McIntosh  21 Triangles
The Coro Milton

18 May 2016

BIWCC Suncorp Stadium Tour Night
BUSINESS NETWORK experience 45 people Tour hosted by Alan Graham
Brisbane BRONCOS & supper at Lang Park PCYC
Excellent Night

10 May 2016


* Engagement to Improve Business   Alan Slater  Business Dynamics
* LEASE & RENTALS Discussions 
   Don Gilbert    Australian Lease & Property Cons
The Coro Milton

20 Apr 2016

BIWCC Business Breakfast
"Challenges & Opportunities for Business in 2016"
* Business Structure     Tony Mifsud  Mifsud & Associates
* Business as Retirement Strategy    Stephen Gulbrandson   Morgans
* Marketing Your Business     Andrew Pearson  Appello Media
The Coro Milton

23 Mar 2016

Thursday 3 March   The Polish Club Milton

3 March 2016

BIWCC Business Breakfast Seminar
"Marketing & Communications Strategies for Zero-Cost Profit Increase"
Tim Stokes  Profit Trans4mations
The CORO Milton

18 Nov 2015

BIWCC Business Breakfast Seminar
"Matters of the Mind & the Heart"   John Moodie
The CORO Milton

 21 Oct 2015

BIWCC Business Breakfast Seminar
Social Media  Tips & Tricks to Stand Out
Leanne Hardcastle  Hardcastle Social Media
The CORO Milton

23 Sept 2015

BIWCC Business Breakfast Seminar
Productivity - Time, Energy & Effort Conservation for Valuable Results
Christine Petersen
The CORO Milton

19 Aug 2015

BIWCC Business Breakfast Seminar
How to Take Your Business to the Next Level
The CORO Milton

22 July 2015

BIWCC Business Breakfast Seminar
The CORO Milton

17 June 2015

BIWCC Business Breakfast Seminar
Generating Business Growth" Jane Toohey  Outsource to Us
The CORO Milton

 20 May 2015

BIWCC Business Breakfast Seminar  "21st Century Customer Service"
Wed The CORO Milton

22 April 2015

BIWCC Business Breakfast Seminar
BIWCC MEMBERS in the SPOTLIGHT  All Attending Members Speakers
The CORO Milton

 18 Mar 2015

BIWCC Business Breakfast Seminar
Boost Your Sales & Profits  Internal & External Strategies
Tim Stokes &
Andrew Edwards

The CORO Milton

18 Feb 2015

BIWCC Business Breakfast Seminar Mt Coot-tha Electorate Update
'Snap' Special Extra Event Hear from Candidates
The CORO Milton

21 Jan 2015

The CORO  Milton

19 Nov 2014

Fun Night Members & Guests  Temple Thai Milton - Tuk Tuk Bar

11 Nov 2014

BIWCC Business Breakfast  IAN MAURICE
Veteran Radio &
TV Personality   Brisbane Arts Theatre  Gen Mgr
The CORO  Milton

22 Oct 2014

* The Asian Cup  January 2015
* 31 Digital Community TV
The CORO  Milton

17 Sep 2014

BIWCC Business BREAKFAST  "Why Customers Buy from YOU"
Michael McIntosh 21 Triangles
The Coro Hotel Milton

 20 Aug 2014

BIWCC Business BREAKFAST Inner West Major Projects Updates
Cr Peter Matic BCC Toowong Ward
Milton Park Rd Ferry Terminal . Frew Park Milton  And .. more
The Coro Hotel Milton

23 July 2014

"Find out what this year's state budget will mean for your Business"
Assistant Minister for Finance, Administration & Regulatory Reform
The Coro Hotel Milton

18 Jun 2014

TERRY WHITE  Chairman Terry White Chemists
The CORO Hotel Milton

21 May 2014


BIWCC Business BREAKFAST Seminar
Business Renewal & Growth   Michael McIntosh
Superior Unique Client Value   Denitza Genova
The CORO Hotel Milton

19 Mar 2014

Suncorp Stadium & Lang Park PCYC
Business-Social Networking

5 Mar 2014


BIWCC Business Breakfast Seminar
What's in store for Queensland Businesses in 2014 ?
Suzanne Lawless  CCIQ Senior Policy Advisor
The Coro Hotel Milton

19 Feb 2014


BIWCC Business Network EVE   The Polish Club Marie St Milton
Start Your Work Year with PIZZAZZ !!
Denitza Genovo  PIZZAZZ Performance

23 Jan 2014


BIWCC 2013 CHRISTMAS PARTY  XXXX Brewery & Ale House
TOUR & Fun Party NIGHT !!

27 Nov 2013


Lord Mayor GRAHAM QUIRK  'Inner West Updates'
The Coro Milton
Excellent Inner West Morning  70 People All Impressed
View LIVE STREAM Broadcast

20 Nov 2013


BIWCC BUSINESS BREAKFAST                                             
'How to Get Your Business Firing with No Cost, Proven Marketing Strategies'
Tim Stokes  Profit Trans4mations
The Coro Milton

23 Oct 2013


BIWCC Business Breakfast  BUSINESS TIPS                    
* MARKETING  BacktoBasics Communications
* LEGAL  No Borders Legal
* TELECOMMUNICATIONS  Telstra Business Centre Milton
The Coro Milton

18 Sept 2013


BIWCC Business Breakfast                                                             
"A Journey to the Cloud What, Why & How !!"
Maree Adshead CCIQ Technology & ALIVA  Activate it  Milton
The Coro Milton

21 Aug 2013


BIWCC Business Breakfast                                                                
QUEENSLAND PLAN  Queensland Chief Scientist Dr Geoff Garrett AO
Have Your Say in 30 Year Plan
The Coro Milton

24 July 2013


BIWCC 'BIG' Business Breakfast                                                       
BUDGET Summary  Hon Tim Nicholls MP  Qld Treasurer
Suncorp Stadium

19 June 2013


BIWCC Business Breakfast                                                          
Top 5 Issues Impacting Queensland Small-to-Medium Businesses
Abbott vs Gillard:  A Business Hypothetical
Colin Fruk Regional Manager CCIQ
The Coro Milton

22 May 2013




BIWCC Business Breakfast                                                                  17 April 2013
"Small Business' Importance to Local Communities"
Hon Teresa Gambaro MP  Federal Member for Brisbane
The Coro Milton


BIWCC Business Breakfast                                                                20 March 2013
"The one Habit that Guarantees SUCCESS in Life &  Business"               
The Coro Milton


BIWCC Stadium TOUR Night                                                           27 February 2013
Suncorp Stadium
Very popular event  60 Attendees all impressed with our Stadium !


BIWCC 2013 "Kick Off" Breakfast                                                    20 February 2013
Digital Strategies for Business Gateway for Economic Growth
Kieran O'Hea  Chief Digital Officer  City of Brisbane
Suncorp Stadium

BIWCC Business Networking Morn Tea                                              6 December 2012
LFL Australia Ladies Football League   "GRIDIRON GIRL"
Game Tactics, Trainings, Mindset related to Business
The CORO Milton
BIWCC - Social Event DoubleRoo Chess Academy                            2 December 2012
La Dolce Vita  20 Park Rd Milton
BIWCC Business Breakfast                                                          21 November 2012
Lord Mayor Graham Quirk "Brisbane & Our Inner West"
The Coro  Milton
Great morning for BIWCC End-of-Year Breakfast
65 Attendees .. Lord Mayor's talk was very informative
BIWCC - Andrew R Edwards  SOCIAL MEDIA Track Your ROI              14 November 2012
9th Night in Social Media - Web - Marketing Series
BIWCC Social 2012 Christmas Party Night                                      13 November 2012
Marinara Cafe & Trattoria  34 Latrobe Tce  Paddington
BIWCC Business Breakfast                                                              24 October 2012
Inbound Marketing Essentials  "Attract New Customers to Contact You"
Damien Edmonds & Andrew R Edwards
The Coro  Milton
BIWCC Business Breakfast                                                         19 September 2012
Mike O'Hagan MiniMovers
"Grow Your Business - Grow Yourself"
The Coro  Milton
BIWCC - Andrew R Edwards                                                         19 September 2012
Boost WEBSITE ROI Closely Guarded Secrets
BIWCC  Business Networking MORN TEA   
More casual BIWCC Networking event .. good speakers each month
BIWCC Business Breakfast                                                              22 August 2012
BIWCC 'Business Boost'
* Basics of Business  * Business Image * Strategic Planning

BIWCC Business Workshop                                                                  25 July 2012
Social Media / Marketing Track ROI of Time & S's Spent
Andrew R Edwards On-Line Profit Strategist


BIWCC Business Networking BREAKFAST SEMINAR                                    18 July 2012
The Coro  Milton

BIWCC Business Networking BREAKFAST SEMINAR                                   20 June 2012
Thanks to Mary Ryan's Bookstore Bill Concannon talks on
adding the PO to the "Village Well's" Services
BIWCC Business FREE 3 Hour Workshop                                                 29 May 2012
Secrets to Boost Your WEBSITES ROI"
Andrew R Edwards
6th SM - Web - Marketing Workshop in BIWCC Series

BIWCC Business Networking                                                                 23 May 2012
Thrive in an Uncertain Economy 
Ric Willmot  Executive Wisdom
The Coro  Milton

BIWCC Social - Business Night                                                              16 May 2012
BIWCC  XXXX Brewery - Ale House Night TOUR
BIWCC Business FREE  3 Hour Workshop                                               24 April 2012
'Boost Profits Track ROI of Your Social Media'
Andrew R Edwards     Westpac Milton
5th SM Workshop in BIWCC Series

BIWCC & Members' Welcome to SAXON RICE                                        19 April 2012
Celebration of impending Milton Park Rd CityCat Terminal
Milton Post Office Boxes & Store re-opening at MR-Milton
$300,000 Saxon pledge for Milton - Rosalie beautification
Mary Ryan's Bookstore Milton

BIWCC Business Networking  BREAKFAST SEMINAR                                  18 April 2012
Bounce Your Business Through Hoops
Brisbane Basketball . Brisbane Capitals
The Coro Milton

Lang Park PCYC
                                                                18 April 2012

35 Members Raised $50+ Each   Thank You Members !!!

BIWCC Business Networking BREAKFAST SEMINAR                               21 March 2012
'Self Managed Superannuation'
RBS Morgans Milton
'Commercial Property Tenant is Landlord's Investment'
Australian Lease & Property Cons
The Coro Milton

Mount Coot-tha State Electorate                                                          6 March 2012
"BIWCC Meet the Candidates" NIGHT
Brisbane West Senior Citizens Centre  Paddington

BIWCC Social - Business  ANNUAL                                                   29 February 2012
Tour + Fun Business Networking + Social Night
Networking & Snacks  Origins Bistro Stadium Nth Concourse

BIWCC Business Networking
BREAKFAST SEMINAR                             22 February 2012
BUSINESS Vision for Our Inner West in 2012"                                       96 Attendees
* Hon Andrew Fraser MP   * Saxon Rice
* Adam Stone  * Margaret Waterman
Suncorp Stadium

BIWCC  2011 CHRISTMAS PARTY                                                  23 November 2011
A fun evening ..  Great Night had by All !!!
CASABLANCA Brasserie . Cafe . Cellar Club Caxton St 

BIWCC Business Networking 
BREAKFAST SEMINAR                          23 November 2011
Lord Mayor GRAHAM QUIRK "Brisbane & Our Inner West"
The Coro Milton

BIWCC Business Networking BREAKFAST SEMINAR                              19 October 2011
MILTON PARKLANDS   Community Update of Plans
The Coro Milton

BIWCC - SUNCORP BANK Economic Update Breakfast                      29 September 2011
Steven Taylor  Challenger Managed Funds
Broncos Leagues Club Red Hill

BIWCC Business Networking BREAKFAST SEMINAR                          21 September 2011
Gregg Buyers Project Director Legacy Way
The Coro Milton

BIWCC Business Networking BREAKFAST SEMINAR                               24 August 2011
Expanding Your Circle of Influence"
Di Watson Brisbane Circle
The Coro Milton

BIWCC - Westpac Bank SPORTS Breakfast                                        11 August 2011
JIM BRANDON International Basketballer & Speaker
Brisbane Basketball  NAB  Stadium Auchenflower

BIWCC & Member Workshop                                                             2 August 2011
Social Media ..  YouTube + Facebook 
Andrew Edwards On-line Profit Strategist

AKISS Beauty Salon  Douglas St  Milton

BIWCC Business Networking Breakfast Seminar                                     20 July 2011
Brewing the Aroma of Free National Publicity'
Wayne Fowler - Gilkatho Coffee, Milton
+ Chat by  Rod Scott, 31 DIGITAL TV
The Coro Milton

BIWCC Business Networking Breakfast Seminar                                    22 June 2011
Deputy Premier  Treasurer of Queensland  Member for Mt Coot-tha
"A post-Budget Address Economic Outlook Year Ahead"
The Coro Milton

BIWCC & Member Workshop                                                             14 June  2011
Social Media ..  YouTube +Andrew Edwards  Profit Strategist
Intensive Workshop   # 4 in BIWCC - Andrew  SM Series  
AKISS Training Academy  Douglas St  Milton

BIWCC Business Networking Breakfast Seminar                                     18 May 2011
Dr Chris Caton Chief Economist Westpac "Economic Outlook"
Davidson Institute  Westpac Financial Education
The Coro Milton

BIWCC Breakfast Networking Seminar                                                  20 April 2011
The Salvos Meeting Human Need
Scott Frame  Salvation Army
The Coro Milton

BIWCC Breakfast Seminar                                                                 23 March 2011
How Can Facebook Improve Your Work Life Balance
Andrew Edwards Profit Strategist
The Coro Milton

BIWCC Breakfast Seminar                                                             16 February 2011
Where to Now for 2011 ? for our Inner West
The Coro Milton

PADDINGTON Christmas Shopping Community Eve                           9 December 2011
BIWCC Christmas Shopping & Community FUN Night
Store SPECIALS .. Santa Claus, Kid's Face Painting 

BIWCC & Member SOCIAL MEDIA Workshop                                  23 November 2010
Andrew R Edwards   Intensive Class
Summit Events Centre - Paddington

BIWCC SOCIAL NIGHT CHRISTMAS PARTY                                     18 November 2010
Victoria Barracks Brisbane All Ranks Club 
Military Barracks Petrie Tce

BIWCC Business Networking Breakfast Seminar                            17 November 2010
Ross Jolly  SoundReasoning
The Coro Milton

BIWCC & Member 
Business ECO Initiative                                    10 November 2010
ECO BreakUp Party NIGHT !!
Plus Business Networking  + Special Viewing of 
the milton Development 55 Railway Tce

BIWCC Business Networking Breakfast Seminar                                October 20 2010
"Risk Management - Safety, Prevention & Resilience"
Queensland Fire & Rescue  Iain MacKenzie, Deputy Commissioner
The Coro Milton

BIWCC Business Networking Breakfast Seminar                            September 22 2010
Steve Major  "
Burn Your Balance Sheet !"
The Coro Milton

BIWCC - the milton  VIP Viewing Night                                          September 1 2010
& Business Networking  Special BIWCC Night

BUSINESS NETWORKING BREAKFAST SEMINAR                                    August 18 2010
HEIDI DUGAN   'Design Your Life & Have It All'  
The Coro Milton

BIWCC & Member
Business ECO Forum                                                 August 2010 
'Get Back to your Backyard'  SignatureBrisbane
Green Your Home Loan  Aussie - Paddington
Samsara Cafe Milton

Meet the Candidates Night"                                                    9 August 2010
Federal Electorates Brisbane & Ryan
Brisbane West Senior Citizens' Centre Paddington

BUSINESS NETWORKING BREAKFAST SEMINAR                                          21 July 2010 
Dr Chris Day  Author & Psychologist 
"Social Intelligence for Professionals" 

BUSINESS NETWORKING BREAKFAST SEMINAR                                       23  June 2010 
Who's Really Running Your Business ? 
Tamara Simon - aka The Detail Devil

BUSINESS NETWORKING BREAKFAST SEMINAR                                         19 May 2010 
Think Like a Fish  Marketing on a Shoestring

BIWCC & Member "
3 Great Reasons to Publish a Book"                          17 May 2010
Night at Samsara Cafe 20 Walsh St Milton

BIWCC  GO BETWEEN BRIDGE   TOUR / Walks                                        14 May 2010 
Beat the Traffic to experience our New Bridge
Special BIWCC Tour + Breakfast & Networking Opp

BUSINESS NETWORKING BREAKFAST SEMINAR                                        April 21 2010
John Mulvey  Creative Presentations 
"Simple Speaking Means Communication"
Say Exactly What You Mean in an Assertive & Dynamic Way
DRIFT  cafe . jetty . events  300 Coronation Dr Milton

BUSINESS NETWORKING BREAKFAST SEMINAR                                      March 24 2010
Michelle Trute   CEO  Diabetes Australia - Queensland
"Healthy Staff - Healthy Profits"   Empowering Staff to Work Effectively 
DRIFT  cafe . jetty . events  300 Coronation Dr Milton

BUSINESS NETWORKING  BREAKFAST SEMINAR                                 February 17 2010
2010 "Kick Off"  Suncorp Stadium 
Hon Andrew Fraser MP 
Treasurer of Queensland, State Labor Member for Mt Coot-tha
Minister for Employment and Economic Development
"Green Shoots?  The new growth path for the economy in 2010"
Another great BIWCC - Hon Andrew Fraser Breakfast regular annual 'Kick Off'
.. 110 Attendees.   Great feedback of the talk and the morning and the precision,
professional welcome by our Suncorp Stadium

BIWCC  SUNCORP STADIUM  TOUR NIGHT                                      10 February 2010 
Incl Tour  + Snacks/Drinks
Fun Night concludes with Business Networking - Socialising  at
Christ Church (Almost under Stadium)  Chippendall St Milton
BIWCC's 3rd Annual Stadium Tour Night was another fun, successful time. 
Informative insight into our massive stadium, then wonderful experience at our
socialising-networking at our own piece of history and serenity in the hustle and
bustle of busy Milton and Hale Street

BIWCC CHRISTMAS MARKET DAY                                                   5 December 2009
Fun Christmas Community Day
BIWCC Members getting together to show
Christmas spirit .. all chipping in and working together
for our Community support 

BIWCC  BUSINESS Networking  MORN TEA  December 3 2009
The LAVALLA Centre .. 58 Fernberg Rd Paddington-Rosalie 

BIWCC CHRISTMAS PARTY MOVIE NIGHT                                      25 November 2009
Blue Room Cinebar & Active Business Consultants - 151 Baroona Rd Rosalie
Fun, fun Night with 65 Members and guests .. Christmas Gifts for all
Plus, Christmas Plum Puds - Cold Rock Icecreamery - Nash St Rosalie 

BIWCC Business Networking Seminar Breakfast                             18 November 2009
Supported by Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Marketing
is the city's economic development agency empowered to
promote Brisbane nationally and internationally as
Australia's New World City and to drive economic &
social benefits to residents and business

BIWCC  BUSINESS Networking  MORN TEA  November 5 2009
The LAVALLA Centre .. 58 Fernberg Rd  Paddington-Rosalie 

BIWCC Business Networking Seminar Breakfast                               21 October 2009
James Chalmers, Editor & James Flaherty  Quest Marketing Manager
Another great BIWCC Breakfast .. informative talks on advertising & media tips

BIWCC  BUSINESS Networking  MORN TEA  October 1 2009
The LAVALLA Centre .. 58 Fernberg Rd  Paddington-Rosalie 

LEAP2009 Business Mentoring Program
Check if your business qualifies for the AusIndustry funding - Program
Value $14,000   Work with Stephen to gain an updatable comprehensive
Business Plan and great support 

BIWCC Business Networking Seminar                                         23 September 2009
Brisbane Inner West Chamber of Commerce  MEMBER SHOWCASE
AXIOM College     
BLISS ECOWEAR - Paddington &  EPIC CYCLES - Rosalie     
LANIER    Document Management Solutions  
DRIFT  cafe . jetty . events  300 Coronation Dr Milton

BIWCC  BUSINESS Networking  MORN TEA  September 3 2009
  'Getting better with Age'  
  Ritchie Gibson ..
Jetts  workout on your terms 
The LAVALLA Centre  58 Fernberg Rd  Paddington-Rosalie

BIWCC Business Networking Seminar Breakfast                                  9 August 2009    
Australian Institute of Sales, Marketing and Management
Executive Business Coach  
DRIFT  cafe . jetty . events

BIWCC  BUSINESS Networking  MORN TEA   August 6 2009
Our August Morn was a great one .. we heard from our dear Di Watson
Brisbane Circle
Inside the Circle .. the BRISBANE CIRCLE  !!
The inside stories  Turning the tables on the reporter/Editor 

BIWCC Business Networking Seminar Breakfast                                      22 July 2009
BIWCC's BIGGEST BREAKFAST                                                             114 People !!!
Lord Mayor of Brisbane   Cr CAMPBELL NEWNAM
DRIFT  Milton 

BIWCC  BUSINESS Networking  MORN TEA    July 2 2009
Our July Morn included an interesting and enthralling talk ....
"Confessions of a Female Private Investigator"
Hear the exploits of our own Tiffany Bond,
Detection Group, first at our Morn.
Tiffany is one tough cookie who leads an interesting and exciting life.
Confessions of a Female Private Investigator"    Tiffany Bond 
'Irresistibly Provocative'  'an emotionally raw and exhilarating read' 

BIWCC  JUNE  BREAKFAST SEMINAR                                                   17 JUNE 2009     
Creating Inspiring Workplaces
Libby Sander  Alegria Human Resources
How to Unlock Potential & Thrive in the Future 
DRIFT  cafe . jetty . events

BIWCC Social MOVIE-MEAL Experience  NIGHT                                        1 JUNE 2009  
Blue Room Cinebar  Rosalie .. Licensed Cinemas & Bar
 * 60 People attended this great night .. voted a success by all  *

     Blue Room Cinebar  ..  Upstairs 151 Baroona Rd ROSALIE
     $10 Tuesday Night/Days   ...   Daytime Mon-Fri  Adults $12.00
     Dinner, Drinks & a Movie .. Without Leaving Your Seat                        

Business Networking BREAKFAST Seminar                            MAY 20 2009 
Surthriving in 09:  How to see what the competition cannot"
Ric Willmot - Executive Wisdom
Right now most businesses are seeking ways to cut costs, bunker down and
weather the financial storm that is working its way across the globe like a
tsunami.  But you grow a business by building upon its strengths, not correcting
weaknesses.  You need to be ahead of the wave
DRIFT  cafe . jetty . events   Milton

BIWCC  BIG  Business Breakfast Seminar                                      22 APRIL 22 2009   
Sergio Carlo Maresca    Maresca International
Focus ! or Fold !"
Excellent morning .. Sergio was as dynamic and thought-provoking as ever 
DRIFT  cafe . jetty . events   Milton 

BIWCC Breakfast Networking Seminar                                             18 MARCH 2009 
Get Outstanding DEBTS PAID  Quickly & Easily !
Michael Todd   OPS Global
DRIFT  cafe . jetty . events  Coronation Dr  Milton 

BIWCC Business - Community  NIGHT                                             16 MARCH 2009
Mt Coot-tha Electorate "Meet the Candidates" Community Evening
BWCC Centre Paddington 

BIWCC Community Information Night    5 MARCH  2009 
Mary Ryan's Bookstore  Park Rd Milton

Displays SES Truck, etc   Rescue Demonstration
Meet Local SES  Group Leader & Members

First Breakfast Event for                                                             18 FEBRUARY 2009
2009 Business Networking Breakfast Seminar    
Hon Andrew Fraser MP  Treasurer of Queensland  Member for Mt Coot-tha
Standing in the Middle of the Global Financial Storm"
Suncorp Stadium     90 Attended !! 

Brisbane Inner West Chamber of Commerce                                  11 February 2009   
+ Social - Business Networking Evening
at Christ Church Community Precinct
56 Attended !!!

Support Our Local INNER WEST
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BIWCC Monthly Events  
2nd Last Wednesday
$25 Members . $30 Guests

MORN TEA Networking
1st Thursday
$5 Pay on Morning

Nights - Workshops
Member Presentations

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